The XX - Coexist (10th Anniversary) [Exclusive Clear Vinyl]


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Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Coexist, the wildly popular sophomore album from the xx. with this exclusive clear vinyl edition. The 2012 record include the singles "Angels", "Sunset", "Friction" and "Chained".

With Coexist, The xx defied any perceived "difficult second album" pressures to create a record that cemented their status as a truly global breakout act. Following up their acclaimed, era-defining debut, the London based trio of Romy Madly Croft, Oliver Sim, and Jamie Smith (aka Jamie xx) continued to deal in compelling, sparse atmospherics but expanded their musical world, especially through producer Jamie's growing electronic sound palette.

Coexist easily surpassed expectations to become the best-selling vinyl record of 2012 in the UK. Meanwhile, the band progressed from playing intimate venues to becoming an international must-see live act, curating their own festivals and collaborating with symphony orchestras.

For their sophomore album Coexist, the XX drew on personal experiences for their songwriting, while their music was influenced by the electronic dance scene that occurred when they had been away on tour promoting their Mercury Prize winning debut album 'xx'.

These songs on Coexist lay the trio's R&B roots bare, with an extra emphasis on that last word bare. While second albums are usually where bands add more elements to their sound to keep things interesting, The XX go even darker and sparer than they were on their debut, which was pretty sparse and dark to begin with.

10th Anniversary Edition. Exclusive CLEAR vinyl produced by Young Turks in 2023.

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