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Jaguar II is the debut studio album by Victoria Monet, the winner of Best New Artist at the 2024 Grammy Awards. The second and final installment of Monét's Jaguar series, she originally intended the Jaguar series to be a trilogy of EPs around the release of the first Jaguar installment. They would have eventually come together to form her debut studio album. However, due to Jaguar II being delayed further than expected, the series was eventually reduced to only two projects.

The album features the singles "Smoke" (featuring Lucky Daye), "Party Girls" (featuring Buju Banton) and "On My Mama," which was nominated for Record of the Year at the 2024 Grammys. 

Limited Edition BROWN vinyl produced by Lovett Music in 2023. 


1. Smoke (feat. Lucky Daye)
2. Smoke Reprise
3. Party Girls (feat. Buju Banton)
4. Alright
5. Cadillac (A Pimp's Anthem)
6. How Does It Make You Feel
7. On My Mama
8. I'm The One
9. Stop (Askin' Me 4Shyt)
10. Hollywood (feat. Earth, Wind & Fire and Hazel Monet)
11. Good Bye

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