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Coldplay's critically acclaimed sophomore album A Rush Of Blood To The Head put the world's fears into words. The album was a massive, commercial success building off the success of the band's growing popularity from their debut record Parachutes. A Rush Of Blood To The Head generated some big hits with singles like "The Scientist", "God Put A Smile On Your Face", "Clocks" and "In My Place", but where it really resonated was in its meanings. The sessions of A Rush Of Blood To The Head began right after the September 11 attacks happened in NYC. At that time, the whole world was in disarray. No one could quite feel safe, and that theme seeped consistently into the art being made of that time.

A Rush Of Blood To The Head has a wider narrative than just that of the context that came with 9/11. There's a wider commentary on humanity itself, too. Take for example the song "Clocks", the song's signature piano intro and sweet, flowing melodies made the song a huge hit, but its meaning is often looked over. The song revolves around the paradox of time with humanity: how we are obsessed with being punctual all the while wanting to savour each and every moment. "God Puts A Smile On Your Face" shares a similar message, the song being about appreciating life as it comes, as it is so short.

The album builds on many aspects of their debut, including both its flaws and it's strengths. While on Parachutes Chris Martin had sounded nervy and innocent in places, on Rush Of Blood he sounds much more confident vocally. In fact, the whole band all give this impression, frequently performing like they know the album is great and are ready to take on the world.

This was the sound of a new Coldplay, one that developed confidence, a voice, and a budding imagination to separate themselves from the other UK breakout acts at the time.

Heavyweight produced by Parlophone Records in 2013. Gatefold sleeve.

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