Death Cab For Cutie - Asphalt Meadows (Exclusive Pink Vinyl)


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After their last studio album, released in 2018, Death Cab for Cutie make their hard-hitting return with their 10th album, Asphalt Meadows, produced by GRAMMY Award-winning John Congleton (St. Vincent, Sharon Van Etten, Wallows).

The record arrives as the indie rockers enter their 25th year as a band and leads with the single "Roman Candles." Death Cab for Cutie's co-founder, lead vocalist and guitarist Bejamin Gibbard shared about the song, “The lyrics were cobbled from a couple of different songs dealing with my general sense of anxiety; the feeling that the fabric that weaves a functioning society together was crumbling during the pandemic.”

As the band formed in Washington state in 1997, the group rapidly soared into classic indie rock canon with albums like TransatlantacismNarrow Stairs, The Open Door and more. Now, the band enters a new era with Asphalt Meadows.

Exclusive OPAQUE PINK vinyl produced by Atlantic Records in 2022. Mastered by Bob Ludwig of Gateway Mastering Studios. Gatefold sleeve.


  1. I Don't Know How I Survive
  2. Roman Candles
  3. Asphalt Meadows
  4. Rand McNally
  5. Here to Forever
  6. Foxglove through the Clearcut
  7. Pepper
  8. I Miss Strangers
  9. Wheat Like Waves
  10. Fragments from the Decade
  11. I'll Never Give Up On You
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