Depeche Mode - A Broken Frame (UK Version)


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A Broken Frame certainly shows more ambition than its electro/pop predecessor Speak & Spell, and although there are still genuine commercially geared tunes, there is also a leaning toward more experimental, expressive and certainly darker material which would undoubtedly shape much of the Depeche Mode sound for the remainder of the decade. “Satellite” and “Monument” for example carry dark synth passages and tortuous rhythms and on reflection, although not great, at least offer a contrast to the bright sparkling pop tendencies on other tracks. The highlights are indeed the simple chart oriented songs, particularly “See You” which has a nicely developed intro, “My Secret Garden” and “ A Photograph Of You”.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Sony Music in 2016. 2007 remaster and gatefold sleeve. UK Import.

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