Depeche Mode - Exciter

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In 2001, Depeche Mode released their tenth studio album Exciter. The record features the singles "Dream On", "I Feel Loved", "Freelove" and "Goodnight Lovers". On Exciter, Depeche Mode have created an autobiography in the lyrics that, for the first time, strikes a chord with sceptics and believers alike.

Mercifully, Depeche Mode has exorcised the demons and produced an album that places them squarely back on track. Martin Gore's keen ear for shimmering sonics and bellowing rhythm reinvigorate the Depeche Mode-branded synth-pop that's remained unique for the last 20 years. In all, Exciter is a stunning return to form, and a triumph by every definition.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Reprise Records in 2007. Gatefold sleeve. UK Import.

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