Joni Mitchell - Joni Mitchell Archives, Vol. 3 (1972-1975): Highlights

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Joni Mitchell Archives, Vol. 3 (1972-1975): Highlights 3LP box set includes early demos and alternate versions from sessions from For The Roses (1972), Court & Spark (1974), and The Hissing Of Summer Lawns (1975); historic live show recordings, including the entirety of Mitchell’s 1972 return to Carnegie Hall, and a gig with her Court And Spark backing band Tom Scott & the L.A. Express; and tracks from sessions cut alongside James Taylor, Graham Nash, and Neil Young.

Heavyweight triple vinyl box set produced by Rhino Records in collaboration with The Joni Mitchell Archives in 2023. Includes a forty page booklet with photos and a conversation between Joni and longtime friend Cameron Crowe. Made in Germany.


  1. Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire
  2. Like Veils Said Lorraine
  3. Medley: Bony Moronie/Summertime Blues/You Never Can Tell - with James Taylor
  4. You Turn Me On I'm a Radio - with Neil Young & The Stray Gators
  5. See You Sometime (Early Version with Bass and Drums)
  6. This Flight Tonight
  7. Electricity
  8. Lesson in Survival
  9. Blue
  10. Banquet
  11. Intro to For the Roses
  12. For the Roses
  13. Intro to Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwig's Tune)
  14. Judgement of the Moon and Stars (Ludwig's Tune)
  15. Blonde in the Bleachers (Alternate Guitar Mix)
  16. Barangrill (Guitar/Vocal Mix)
  17. Sunrise Raga
  18. Twisted (Early Alternate Version)
  19. Piano Suite: Down to You / Court and Spark / Car on a Hill / Down to You
  20. Help Me
  21. Raised On Robbery - with Neil Young & The Santa Monica Flyers
  22. People's Parties (Early Alternate Take)
  23. Trouble Child (Early Alternate Take)
  24. Car on a Hill (Early Alternate Take)
  25. Bonderia
  26. Introduction
  27. Free Man in Paris - with Tom Scott & The L.A. Express
  28. The Same Situation - with Tom Scott & The L.A. Express
  29. Just Like This Train - with Tom Scott & The L.A. Express
  30. Intro To Jericho
  31. Jericho
  32. Woman of Heart and Mind
  33. In France They Kiss On Main Street
  34. Edith and the Kingpin
  35. Don't Interrupt the Sorrow
  36. Harry's House
  37. The Jungle Line (Guitar/Alternate Vocal)
  38. Shades of Scarlet Conquering (Alternate Version)
  39. The Boho Dance (Alternate Version)
  40. Dreamland (Early Alternate Band Version)

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